Media Planning & Buying

Enhance your media planning with the most suitable inventory through detailed granular and totally safe targeting at the web-page level.

Viewability & Transparency

Get full transparency about the media you buy and the audience you reach. Know exactly which of your ads were viewed and just how often.

Recommendation Engine

Expand your campaign success and optimize your media buying process. The next time must be better - no matter how successful you are.



Vexigo delivers an across-the-board integrated service - media targeting, brand protection, media recommendation engine and one-click campaign expansion. Using state-of-the-art page level and domain level segmentation, Vexigo provides dynamic contextual matching for predictive campaign performance.
Vexigo's unique ability to manage the fine details of any digital content in real-time, categorize it, and then target relevant, category-specific media, ensures effective online ad placement that generates major improvements in advertising effectiveness and boosts ROI.


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